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The strategic movements of the globalists

In this page we wil try to analyse – predict the strategic moves of the globalists whose aim is to bring their new world order: This order is translated as: one race, one religion, one economy, one government and all the other under them.

In order to achieve their aim they use the method “ordo ab cahos” that means “order from chaos”. In simple words, in order to bring their order they will first try to destroy todays order.

This analysis is in its first steps, so there is much more to be written.

———-——-——   War ignition in Middle East – Maybe try to start the 3rd w.w.  —-——–———-  

The players: “enemies”, “friends” και “allies”:

  • Turkey vs Israel  –> THAT MEANS –>  Turkey with Islamic countries
  • Papandreou with Israel  –> THAT MEANS–>  Papandreou + Israel vs Turkey & Islamic countries
  • Papandreou vs Russia   –> THAT MEANS–> ???? unknown yet

    Papandreou is the jewish prime-minister (Jefry, Mineiko, Tsad, Papandreou) of enslaved greece* and by his political attitude he has destroyed the good relations of Russia and Greece.

    * Greece is enslaved in foreign powers from about 200 b.c. and the attacks of Romans and completly destroyed in 400 a.c.  and the invasion of Visigoth Alaricus.

  • As concerning the countries of North Africa and Middle East with the “revolutions”:

    It is obvious that the new “governments” that are supported by NATO and the global zionism in those “revolutioned” countries will act according to the orders they will take. If more gunpowder is needed then those countries will support Turkey, as they are islamic now, after the “revolutions”.

    Adding to this there is an issue of the internal religious fights-provocations in these countries. Those fights-provocations may be a start for a wider religious war.

  • At last, there will be a role in Syria, Kourds and Iran that is very silent at the moment

Tha start – provocations:


 September 2011

  • Posters with the logo of UN and title “Country now Palestine” in the roads of Athens.

    Click to see larger image:

October 2011

Meanwhile, actions between Israel and Hamas are going on…

December 2011

Iran enters the game. Russia and China allies against Nato and West

  ———-———-———-   North Africa & Middle East “Revolutions”   ———-———-———-  

It is proven that the “Revolutions S.A.” in Middle East and North Africa are made by Anglo-saxonic-jew-mongol spies and are supported by NATO. Adding to this, the provocateurs use the differences in races and religions to provoke civil wars, and then they put the “Human Rights Organizatrios S.A.” to blame the civilians of those countries that resist to those external attacks that aim in the change of the governments in those areas by new ones that are supported by Nato and the West.

Maroco, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Qatar, Syria.

 ———-———-———-   Nutrition and environment   ———-———-———-  

Their target is

  • the control and the administration of the water (this is why they promote the privatization af the water sources and companies globaly)
  • the control of the sheeds, the pesticides and the cultivations

Nutrition & environment:

  • Codex Alimentarious
  • GMOs (mutant sheds, animal clones, artificial – semi-synthetic foods)
  • Agenda21
  • Geoengineering
  • Chemical sprays (they affect human, environment, animals. Best example is bees they die and they cannot fertilize flowers and trees !!!

Indications for provocations and set up crime actions against humans and environment:

  • BP oil rig explosion and spill in Mexico gulf (April 2010) – [Connected with Gulf Stream and affects Northen Europe]
  • Great fires in Russia and burning of wheat cultivations (July & August 2010) – [Connected with stockmarkets wheat prices]
  • Japan earthquake: tsunami and explosion in Fukushima nuclear plant in city of Sentai (March 2011)

  ———-———-———-   Three zones Europe    ———-———-———-  

October 2011

———-———-———-    Nations, Races and religion   ———-———-———-  

Complete destruction of nations & races. Final target the mongolization – Islamization.

a) They use and control trafficking mafias and mafias of tranfering people all around earth. This provocative – unhuman action they have baptised as “natural migration”.

b) Except of the destruction of nations and races they want to promote their leader that they serve: Sin, Sion, Sentai, Jentai, Judas, Allah, Elloch, Ellochim, Draconian that lives in the hubridic Luna-Lilith and the promotion of Islam.

c) Final target is the total dominance of Draconian – mongol race and the complete genocide of the other races. The mongolian elit will govern and the lower mongolian classes, also maybe some race mixes will be enslaved and simple workers.

———-  Extraterrestrials, Draconians??, Andromedians??, Blue beam?? Conspiracy??   ———

October 2010

January 2011

October 2011

  • [SatNews] China could own the Moon by 2026, U.S. space entrepreneur warns – http://www.satnews.com/cgi-bin/story.cgi?number=1599862569

    Just to mention, in the theory of the Draconians (mongol race) against Andromedinas (white race), Moon – Luna is the hybridic leader spaceship of Draconians and inside it stays the Draconian leader Sin, Sion, Judas, Jentai, Sentai, Allah, Elloch, Ellochim, Draconian-reptile. Also, in Islam they believe that the house of the God Allah is in the moon.

November 2011


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  1. Ο/Η Αργύρης Αποστόλου έγραψε:

    Posted on | March 16, 2014 | SOURCEhttp://newsvandal.com/2014/03/on-the-corporate-foreign-policy-deep-state-at-work-in-ukraine/

    Victoria “F*ck Europe” Nuland
    I’ve got two new stories on the subtle partnerships behind the scenes of U.S. policy toward Ukraine and Russia.
    The visible maneuvering over Crimea and the Cold War nostalgia expressed by belligerent U.S. politicians doesn’t quite match the corporate takeover we saw in Iraq. Rather, it feels more like Guatemala & the United Fruit Co. in 1953, or Iran & the CIA in 1953.
    The moves are happening on two fronts: energy and agribusiness.
    To read my story on Condi Rice and Chevron’s new 50-year lease to develop shale gas in Ukraine go to BuzzFlash: The Business of America Is Giving Countries Like Ukraine the Business
    Excerpt: Like most American Exceptionalists, Condi Rice’s bluster and posturing can be reverse-engineered to find the banal truth about U.S. foreign policy. For example, her steadfast belief that Ukraine “should not be a pawn in a great-power conflict but rather an independent nation” might have something to do with Chevron’s 50-year lease to develop Ukraine’s shale gas reserves.
    When that lease was signed on November 5, 2013, it stoked Russian fears about losing its influence on, and a major gas market in, a former satellite. It also came on the eve of the much-disputed trade deal with the European Union that, once abandoned due to Russian pressure, led to the toppling of Ukraine’s government. Reuters characterized Ukraine’s “$10 billion shale gas production-sharing agreement with U.S. Chevron” as “another step in a drive for more energy independence from Russia.”
    To read my story on growing investments by Cargill, Monsanto and Big Ag in the Soviet Union’s former breadbasket go to Consortiumnews: Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch
    Excerpt: Despite the turmoil within Ukrainian politics after Yanukovych rejected a major trade deal with the European Union just seven weeks earlier, Cargill was confident enough about the future to fork over $200 million to buy a stake in Ukraine’s UkrLandFarming. According to Financial Times, UkrLandFarming is the world’s eighth-largest land cultivator and second biggest egg producer. And those aren’t the only eggs in Cargill’s increasingly-ample basket.
    On Dec. 13, Cargill announced the purchase of a stake in a Black Sea port. Cargill’s port at Novorossiysk — to the east of Russia’s strategically significant and historically important Crimean naval base — gives them a major entry-point to Russian markets and adds them to the list of Big Ag companies investing in ports around the Black Sea, both in Russia and Ukraine.
    Both stories touch on the “Deep State” of interlocking interests, political fixers and policymakers steering U.S. policy into a long-desired collision with Russia. Ultimately, it’s about opening the door to Ukraine’s resources for well-connected corporations.

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