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Chemical sprays, HAARP and Typhoon Sandy

We re-publish the article “Hurricane Sandy manipulated by government weather technology, meteorologist says” from the website http://www.examiner.com – [The article is below the video] — A) First, let’s see a video of a researcher who, based on sattelite data states that Hurricane Sandy was manipulated, enforced and pushed to the Eastern part of the U.S., because […]

Important videos and articles about chemtrails

Watch videos with Chemical Sprays in youtube . Take a tour in the websites belowhttp://notrailscontrailschemtrails.blogspot.com/,http://toxrisimo.wordpress.com/Dedicated to Chemical Sprays. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ Read IN ANY WAY the following articles abour chemical sprays, monsanto & agrnda 21 !!!!!!! China (Draconian mongols) behibd chemtrails and monsanto: The Olgacom Scandal 2011 – http://olgacomscandal.wordpress.com/the-olgacom-scandal-2011/ Chemtrails, Monsanto & Olgacom connection explained; Whistleblower’s friends […]

(Ελληνικά) Πληροφορίες για καρκινοπαθείς

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