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The new and the old flag of Libya

Ημερομηνία δημοσίευσης: 12 September, 2011
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Comment added: 10/30/2011

After the article of newspaper “Το Παρόν” of 10.30.2011, all people with doubts about the real intentions of NATO attacking to Lybia and their support to the “rebels” will go away.

It is now clear that NATO aims were

a) The destruction of the welfare state that Gaddafi was building ,

b) The political system “Tzamarichigia” means “crowdocracy

c) The new constitution will be based on Islamic laws

d) Women in Libya will relive a medieval period

e) Banks will officially rob depositors and will not pay interests

f) In the “rebellions” except of NATO also “terrorist” organizations took part, which seems that their task after the end of thw attack will be to “protect” NATO and international companies interests.

Also, lets see what is written in Old Testament of the Mongol-Chalddeosyrian-judaistic religions about Lybia:


————- ————— ————– ——– ORIGINAL ARTICLE —— ————– ————— ————- – ————

One picture = thousand words.

 Especially when this symbol is the flag !

We present you two flags of Libya.

The first flag that has only green color  is the current flag of Libya.

The second flag is the flag that is promoted by the so-called “transitional government” of Libyans supported by NATO and all Judeo-Saxon-imperialists.

The current flag of Libya

The flag which promotes the so-called “transitional government” in Libya, backed by NATO and all sionist-Saxon-imperialists.

But what does the new flag  symbolizes ?

The new flag stands for:

a) The Islamization of Libya as the  specific symbol (crescent moon with star) is the main symbol of Islam.

Question: Where are now all those pseudo-left-anarcho-ecologic-NGO organizations which support the rights of religions? Who of them is talking about freedom of religions in Libya and the rape of other religions through this act?

b) The mongolization of Libya

The Islam symbol – crescent moon with star – is not only a symbol of Islam. It is used as a symbol of many Tourko-mongol-like races. So, this symbol is not just a symbol that indicates religion, but it is also a symbol indicating a race and especially the Mongolian race.

In the case of Libya, this means that the so-called “transitional government” is derived from or serves Mongol orders.

Question: Where are again, all these organizations that”protect” and demonstrate for the rights of tribes and minorities? I don’t see them protesting for the mongolization of Libya…

c) The enslavement to the god of Sin, Sion, Yahweh, Judas, Jentai, Sentai, Allah, Elloch, Ellochim, Dragon reptilian

There are many websites that support and provide evidence of the existence of a reptilian race that has dominated our planet and leads to destruction. According to these websites clean Mongol tribes are expressed today by the pure Mongols. Main exponents today is Asia’s Mongolian elites in several countries including China, Korea. In Europe and America there are the mixed white-yellow and black-yellow mongolians, Jew-Mongolians and Anglo-saxon-Mongolians which happen also to support zionism (not those who believe in Judaism as a religion, but the racial descendants of mongols) or other Mongolians.

Also based on these theories, this symbol of Islam is essentially a symbol of worshiping the god who resides in Moon-Lilith, hybridic spaceship of their master God Sinn, Sion, Yahweh, Judas, Jedi, Jentai, Sentai, Allah, Elloch, Elohim, Drako-reptilian.

You can read about Draconians here:

Photograph outside the Libyan school in Palaio Psychiko (Athens)?

Message to Lybians:

I call on all Libyans who support the new Transitional Government of Libya

  • Be aware because this “revolution” is set up and comes from those who support it, ie NATO, AngloSaxons, Sionists and all imperialist-fascist involved.
  • Be aware that the so-called “democrats rebels” are actually paid killers, provocateurs who aim to bring chaos in Libya to throw out the current regime and pave the way for new government promoted.
  • Be aware that the new government – if and when it comes to power – will be controlled by those who currently support them and will only promote their interests.
  • Be aware that the new government will not  bring democracy to your country. The most likely scenario to happen is the same thing that happened in  Iraq after Saddam Housein death: today the mafias control  everything, corruption and political-economic-social decay is growing, the people suffer more than with Saddam and multinational companies earn – profit more.
  • Be aware that there is a plan of islamo-mongolization of your country and that – as it happens today in Iraq – to keep people away from the government they will try to divede you by creating civil conflicts –  civil by using religious and racial defferences.

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