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Warning !!! Keep away from the “Indignatives S.A.” and the “Occupy wall street, S.A.”

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There were a few greek websites that from the beggining of the appearance of the “Indignative S.A.” movement in Greece, were informing the public that this “movement” was not so “ingenuous”. Instead it was promoted and manipulated by the zionists-globalists and its target was/ is:

a) the manipulation,  sheep-making and sheep-folding of the newly independent non belonging to political parties people and

b) maybe the use of this “movement” in provocations and already setup games that target in the public disorder, moreover state destruction and the coming of the global governance !!!

Some greek sites that had warned people about this global fraud are listed below (in greek language only):

To make it clear

A) Firstly we have to mention that the greatest mass political, religious and revolutionary movementsideologies have been created and promoted by jew-zionists:

Political movements: capitalism, socialism, communism, Bolshevik revolution, etc.

Religious movements: judaism, christianism, islamism, and their branches as (jehovah, anglicans, protestants, jeshuits etc).

In our case the movement of the “Indignatives S.A.” –  “Occupy Wall Street S.A.“, is ideologically prepared by the jew-zionist Stéphane Hessel and his book Indignez-vous! and is funded also by jew-zionist G. Soros, also maybe others:

The “Indignatives S.A.” – “Occupy wall street S.A.” is a manipulated movement. Its target is the destruction of the nations and their govs and the preparation for the globalization.  It is not an ingenuous, impulsive or spontaneous movement of independent people, Greeks or Spanish or English or Americans separately etc, but a muddy, well organised, globalisative, under-motivated and completely manipulated movement with the name  “Indignatives S.A.” –  “Occupy wall street S.A.”

A) The Syntagma square protest in Athens Greece

The “Indignative” people  in Syntagma square in Athens Greece was divided in two parts: the “upper square” and the “lower square”.

The “lower square” was full of gipsy like tents, they had pseudo-democratic procedures in their public gatherings after the end of the demonstrations (only leftish people could speak). They had posters, flags and other protesting material that were exactly the same as left political parties use. Also anti-whatever organisations flags – posters existed and many “lower square” “indignatives” attacted and  provoked simple citizens that were gathering around the square that were carrying greek flags and posters with greek and national character.  I have to mention also that almost all the left greek political parties and anti-whatever  organizations supported the “lower square”. The strange thing about the “lower square” was that they were very well equiped especially in electronic equipment like computers, servers, power generators, medicine, etc !!!

The “upper square” was full of greek people with greek flags, self made posters and was shouting for democracy, justice, etc, and were  promoting a new greek-national social-oriented gov.

Note: [When the covered organisers of the “indignatives S.A.” saw that the movement was converting from a globalising one to a national one because the “upper square” was much more powerfull than the “lower square”, they decided to end the game.

Jew-zionists: the top of the manipulation, propaganda, provocation, the best professionals ever: Jew-zionists and then chaos…

Β) Lets take a look to the last poster of this jew-zionist movement “Indignatives S.A.” branch of Greece:

α) The logo planet earth” and the phrase “all the world” shows us that this movement is a global movement and not a pure national greek movement.

β) The movement of  “Indignative S.A.”  declares its participation in the “panhellenic strike“. This show us a more offensive behaviour and participation in political and syndicalism actions. Thus, its conversion from a simple sitting, peacefull movement to a movement with politico-syndicalistic actions.

γ)  “Indignatives” are like to acquire a logo that looks like the one of the recycling.

δ) Note the title “Public assemply of Syntagma“. Here it is revealed the connection of this movement with the left political parties of Greece, ΚΚΕ, ΠΑΜΕ, ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ, but especially with the Syriza left political party that has undertake the “organization” of the “pseudo-public assemblies” and the local “square assemblies”, all of them local branches of “Indignatives S.A. Greek branch” .

If someone makes a tour in the websites of Syriza (left political party in the parliament), or other pseudo-anarchist sites, pdeuso-public square assemblies, etc will confirm by himself this connection.

ε)  Read carefully below because the “indignatives” reveal themselves. The last masks for a supposed indignative, impulsive, spontaneous movement fall and their aim is self-betrayed. The aim, the target, the sub-motivators of the International Company  “Indignatives S.A.” of jew-zionist Stephane Hessel.

In the low part of the poster there are two web links:

and two keywords “#globalchange” “#15org“, that may imply that there will be in the future creation of publications or organizations that their name will contain the word “globalchange“, “15” and the website will end or the form will be “org” (organizations).


ε-1) The website http://www.amesi-dimokratia.org/ that is written on the poster is closed and it is substituted by website  http://real-democracy.gr/, the initial website  of the first “spontaneous” “Indignatives” of Syntagma square!

Those spontaneous “indignatives” at the beginning of the movement were playing political-globalising games with the school students, and all the Greeks that had no idea the conpiracy behind this movement. Those initial “indignatives”  were assuring all of us that they had no connection at all with any organization and any person  and that they were simple indignative persons who just supported the indignative movement that started in Spain !!!!

2) The website http://www.15october.net/ is a real apocalypse. It is the global – central website of the “Indignative S.A.” –  “Occupy Wall Street S.A.” and it is above all the central websites of every country “Indignative Country branch S.A.”. It is the mother website that organises and promotes stuff to its branches in every country. Sequenlty the country branches organise and promote stuff to the local branches inside the country which have names like  “Local square indignatives”, “Public assemblies” etc.

Visit website http://www.15october.net/ to see the level of preparation & organization of the anti-national, globalistic propaganda stuff.

Look the saved archive of the propaganda stuff (.pdf)  of the mother company that is to be shared to the country branches and nest to the local branches in many countries.  I have done also some comments (with red colour) which i believe are worth reading : 15october.net – Propaganda stuff for the country branches of indignative – occupy wall street movements (.pdf)

Indignative & Black Bloc teams

The demonstrations organised by “Indignatives S.A. ” were also supported by left political parties and anti-whatever organizations. They were also supported by the “Black Bloc S.A.” team in almost all the countries (USA, Italy, Germany, Spain).

The function of this team can be double:

a) To provoke riots and function as gunpowder in order people to revolute and attack to the state.

b) To create riots and set up revolutions to prevent attacks to the state from non maniputaled – independent poeple and to defuse societys anger.

In Greece there was not a Black Block team, but the truth is that we don’t need them. We have our “known-anknown” people (γνωστοί-άγνωστοι), who are active in creating riots and fights for more than 25 years (that means that some of them are ready to take their pension). Noone never ever has been caught. With many other proofs it is clear in the greek society that these people are connected with political parties, police, pseudo-anarchists and belong in the world of paracracy = παρακράτος.

To understand the dimenstion of the global deceive, let’s look what wikimedia says about Black Bloc http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_bloc.

“A black bloc is a tactic for protests and marches, whereby individuals!!! wear black clothing, scarves, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding or other face-concealing items and often carry some sort of shields!!! and truncheons!!!. The clothing is used to avoid being identified, and to, theoretically, appear as one large mass, promoting solidarity.


“The Black Bloc” is sometimes incorrectly reported as being the name of a specific anarchist group. It is, rather, a tactic that may be adopted by groups of various motivations and methods.”

So, in wikimedia they are trying to persuade us that Black Bloc are individuals who want to promote solidarity by carrying shields & truncheons and by attacking to multinational companies. Also they say that it is a tactic likely to be adopted…

What an innocent fairy tail ! Black bloc S.A. appeared in all countries together with the Indignatives S.A., they made riots, burned and destroyed public and private property (not politicians property), they terrified simple protesters, they broke the anti-politician protest (even if it was manipulated), so how lucky are we to have them with us !!!!!

Finally, after some visits we did in pseudo-anasrcist-whatever websites we found out that all of those support the Black Bloc S.A..


The “Indignatives S.A.” – “Occupy Wall Street S.A.” is very well organised movement and is promoted very carefully and methodically from the zionists-globalists. The target of this movement is the destruction of the national governments and the preparation for the global government the zionists want, the government of mongols: chinese-korean high class mongols, jew-mongols, ang saxon-mongols.

Read more about draconian mongols in blog http://hellenandchaos.blogspot.com/

Active participation for the success of this movements have some political left parties and almost all the pseudo-organizations anti-whatever and other local left-created organizations under the covering name of  “square local assemblies”,  “local indignatives” etc…

The way of acting of the “indignatives” seems to be peacefull, but has an offensive sense-progress.

If we see the facts that

a) in every demonstration happen fights and

b) there has never been a revolution without dead people and heavy riots etc,

the indignative movement may intend to be set up for the final bloody fight between citizens and governments that will pull down the national governments. Those incidents may also be orgazised with the military or other forces as for example the european eurogend force.

Read the last articles about eurogend force in Greece: (in greek language, use google translate)

My opinion + recommendations:

Stay away from any sqare of the indignatives, especially from the central squares of big cities. Also keep away from any demonstration that you believe or have suspicions that is manipulated. There is a high danger that citizens may be used as human shields or sheeps going for slaughter in the coming provocations, riots and fights between the police – governmental police units and demonstrators. Remember that most of the demonstrations are organised by political parties and syndicalists in order to be manipulated. And all political parties – syndicates they don’t want the change of the system nor the right of the worker. They jut want to manipulate people in order to retain the power.

Especially KEEP AWAY students and children from any demonstration, square or indignatives!!!! They are the easiest victims and the easiest “meal” to the destroyers of the nations, the global fascists and the global politico-economic-military lobbies.

YES to actions, NO to manipulated demonstrations-protests that their main aim is TO USE CITIZENS AGAINST THEMSELVES.

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