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Greek – politics

Hi visitors and WELCOME to my blog !!!

My name is greek-politics and i live in Athens, Greece.

The purpose of this website is to talk about things of general and social interest, mostly subjects concerning the fields of society, politics, economics, health, environment, religions, nwo & globalization.

After my 90 first blog posts, i decided to start translating some of my articles in the english and italian language. Articles that i believe concern also people living in foreign countries.

If you like any of my articles and would like to transate it and help the flow of information, feel free to translate it and sending the translation to me, which i will upload to my site.

Preffered languages are english, italiano and Deutch. But if you do a translation in another language, be sure i will upload it also, even if i don’t have any knowledge at all.

Have a nice blogwalk and thank you for visiting !


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